Manage your tax audit

Leveraging the experience of its tax lawyers, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM assists companies at every stage of accounting and tax audits, notably in the presentation of the tax information requested by the authorities and by drafting responses to requests for information.

Where necessary, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can also offer advice on the analysis of tax issues, submit proposals for adjustments and draft replies with regard to adjustments and contentious claims in accordance with the guarantees and rights of defence provided by law, the administrative regime, tax instructions and case law.

VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM can also represent you in appeals and before various tax committees, preparing briefs as necessary. In the event of a dispute, the law firm can also present, in your interest, motions to initiate proceedings and replies and rejoinders before the administrative or civil courts.

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Enabling clients to manage their wealth in the best possible way, VAN LEEUWEN LAW FIRM is