Forensic data analytics

VAN LEEUWEN FCRM’s Data Analytics professionals specialise in the collection, cleansing, enrichment, transformation, analysis and modeling of data for the purpose of investigation. It’s data analysis will identify areas susceptible to high fraud risk, enabling you to focus your efforts in preventing


Digital Forensics and Investigation

VAN LEEUWEN FCRM has experience conducting data integrity reviews in the context of multi-jurisdictional and global compliance requests. VAN LEEUWEN FCRM’s IT-auditors come from a variety of sectors and understand how data are sourced, used and shared in day-to-day operations, and the


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Review

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics can bring legal and compliance concerns due to human error, bias, faulty algorithm design, poor data quality or intentional sabotage. VAN LEEUWEN FCRM reviews Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics implementations by getting into the core of algorithms to


Data Mapping and Governance

VAN LEEUWEN FCRM’s work ranges from information governance program development, data classification, cross-border transfer, security and privacy; all with the objective to better manage legal and compliance risks while improving the use of data to support business performance. VAN LEEUWEN FCRM’s IT-auditors use


Vendor Data Due Diligence

To investigate areas of potential risk, VAN LEEUWEN FCRM’s IT-auditors performs contractual reviews, factfinding interviews, digital forensics, forensic data analytics and other analyses to identify various scenarios of data misuse by third parties. VAN LEEUWEN FCRM’s IT-forensic investigations and inquiries focus on a wide


Data Security and Privacy

VAN LEEUWEN FCRM helps organizations develop strategies and mechanisms to effectively manage risks in their data and analytics programs. Working with counsel, it develops written protocols that help them comply with applicable regulatory requirements. VAN LEEUWEN FCRM’s IT-auditors understand requirements dictating how data should


Data Recovery

In the event of destruction or corruption of data, VAN LEEUWEN FCRM can provide data recovery services and resources to support restoration from all types of deleted, corrupted, missing or inaccessible data that may have resulted from the incident. This includes recovery of