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Have you seen a message on WhatsApp or Facebook offering you free help during the pandemic? People have reported seeing messages that seem to be from Pepsi, Walmart, Whole Foods, Target, and other big-name brands. These messages all offer money to people who need it — through grants, coupons for food support, or other giveaways. But they’re all fake, and not from those companies at all.

There are thousands of trials underway as companies race to find effective vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Many of these research studies are legitimate, but some are not. So, if you’re thinking about volunteering for a COVID-19 trial, it’s important to know how to spot the real trials advancing medicine for everyone, versus the fake ones trying to steal your money and personal information.

Taxi licence appeals can be complex and in order to have the highest chance of success you need to be discussing your case with a dedicated taxi defence lawyer. The taxi licensing authorities have wide reaching authority to revoke and suspend licences. On occasion these powers can be misapplied and these issues can be successfully appealed at the District Court or the Administrative Court for Trade and Industry.

Regulatory Authorities (or Inspectorates) enforce regulation through their inspections, such as the DNB and AFM. When an offence is established, an administrative penalty is usually imposed by the Regulatory Authority (or Inspectorate). The Regulatory Authority (or Inspectorate) can also issue a penalty or administrative coercion. An Attorney can lodge an objection against a decision by a Regulatory Authority (or Inspectorate) to issue a fine, periodic penalty payment or administrative coercion. An Attorney may also be present during the Inspectorate of the Regulatory Authority (or Inspectorate).