Tap the knowledge and capability of your entire organization.

Current reality

Today, In-House Departments often struggle to find and retain knowledge and best practices. Most rely on unstructured “tribal knowledge” that fails to scale as the team grows or changes, forcing costly re-work.

Desired state

Save team time and improve outcomes by making it easier to find answers and best practices. Nurture a culture of sharing, mutual support, and documentation across the organization.

  • Facilitate knowledge hubs and centers of influence across the organization
  • Ensure a consistent response on topics and issues
  • Design an intranet experience that makes sharing and finding best practices much easier
  • Encourage team members to document and share their work in standard templates and formats
  • Guard against loss of valuable knowledge caused by staff departures and role changes


MR. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ.), attorney at law and forensic auditor, assists clients with criminal matters, administrative supervision and enforcement cases, and internal and external investigations. Cases involving accusations of fraud, bribery, money laundering, corruption or violations, financial mismanagement, of international sanctions seriously disrupt a client’s operations and damage their reputation. At a client’s request, the attorney can conduct internal investigations, advice, litigate and negotiate with regulators and the Public Prosecution Service. He delivers swift solutions that address the underlying problems for urgent matters. Sometimes, his clients are injured by non-compliant conduct; sometimes they find themselves accused of the same.