Issues in the field of administrative law

Should a government decision have an impact on you, MR. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M.,ESQ), attorney at law, can be of your assistance. He has a great deal of expertise to offer adequate judicial and extra-judicial assistance within Decisions of administrative bodies, Submitting a notice of objection, Notice of objection and appeal, Licence appeals service (revocation and refuse), Enforcement (administrative coercion, penalties and administrative fines), Adminstrative Contracts, Spatial planning; zoning and exemptions, Certificate of Conduct is refused, Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Public Administration Probity Screening Act and Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Area Ban.

MR. BAS A.S. VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M.,ESQ), attorney at law, has a broad knowledge of the political and the administrative environment and the legal context thereof. He has a feel for the political relations between, for instance, a Municipal Executive and the Municipal Council or the Provincial Executive and the Provincial Council. This is beneficial for achieving an agreement between the stakeholder and the local authorities. Legal proceedings are frequently conducted and for that reason the attorney has an unrivalled capacity to bring forward to the judge the standpoints of both the public authorities and the stakeholder.

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Active involvement of the public authorities

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