Public Private Partnership

September 6, 2020 admin 0 Comments

Sometimes the private sector works in coordination with the public sector. By partnering with the private sector through arrangements which leverage governmental assets and resources, opportunities are provided for the privates sector to participate in the financing, development, ownership and operation of a public facility or service. For example, a public/private partnership could be an arrangement whereby third party or contractor develops and operates a system which is beneficial to a government agency and others and charges the cost of the service to users.

Attorney VAN LEEUWEN’s clients, public entities, private operators, financial investors or banking institutions will be able to rely on a team of specialists with proven and acknowledged expertise in public contracts, particularly in the field of public property occupancy contracts in the public domain and complex procurement and PPP contracts (CREM, partnership contracts, concessions, etc.).

Attorney VAN LEEUWEN’s approach projects both transversally and globally:
– Choosing the legal and financial structure for the project
– Developing a risk matrix
– Drafting and negotiating procurement contracts, industrial contracts and financing agreements
– Following-up contracts/assistance in out-of-court settlement and litigation proceedings.

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